Our industries are energy, petrochemicals and the paper industry. 
The company started in 2005 in Austria (ATC Consulting LLC) and in 2013 operations 
were also started in Finland under the name ATC Automation. 
We have been involved in several automation projects around the world.

Energy industry

Power plant automation design, installation supervision / installations, commissioning and maintenance. Power plant optimization and tuning.
As customers, e.g. Metso, Valmet, Foster Wheeler.

Paper industry

Design, installation supervision, commissioning and maintenance of automation of paper machines and pulp lines.
As customers, e.g. Mondi, Valmet Paper, ABB, Quantaservice

Petrochemical industry

Installation supervision of the automation of the plastics industry and oil refining processes, testing and commissioning of control systems.
As customers, e.g. Neste Jacobs, Borealis


5 * Toolbox is an instrumentation, control and process data library for beginners and professionals. It contains the most used and most common examples of equipment’s, installation methods and site actions what is needed during industrial projects. This a useful tool for supervisors, implementers and designers who are working at industrial site in projects or in maintenance.